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Wellness Design Services:


For our hospitality clients, we know it’s all about the guest experience. As more consumers incorporate wellness into their lifestyles, there are many opportunities for the hospitality industry to infuse wellness into their offering and capture spending by wellness travelers. Wellness tourism—spending by travelers “who seek to improve or maintain their well-being during or as a result of their trip”—is now a $639 billion market, up 6.7 percent since 2015, which is more than double the growth rate for tourism overall. Creating a wellness platform and offerings and establishing a property or resort as a destination where travelers can engage in wellness opens up a market segment that likely wasn’t looking to that destination previously for leisure travel thus expanding the market appeal.


The major travel trend arising out of the pandemic is a WFA / Is a “Work From Anywhere Model” with experts predicting there will be a ‘death’ of the city model allowing people to blend work and travel indefinitely. Additionally the family unit is able to be more ‘remote’ than ever with the virtual learning model offered during this time.


The luxury traveler today is looking for privacy and health/wellness based offerings. Top of mind for everyone is elevating and ensuring their health and longevity. Evaluating your ability to deliver on the changing expectations is paramount to ensuring you not only stay relevant with today’s traveler but that you are evolving to exceed the needs of tomorrow’s traveler as well. The desire for overall well-being extends beyond physical fitness and spa, and includes a health-focused F&B offering, wellness-based services, quality sleep, and a sense of responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable environment.


We create bespoke partnerships and plans based on each property or brand’s goals. Whether establishing your property as a wellness destination by creating world-class offerings, wellness spaces, suites, rooms, and villas to highly curated programming and events. We also evaluate existing services and equipment and help implement additional offerings. We take a holistic approach looking at each property or brand from sustainability planning to the spa, fitness, activity, and food and beverage programs.


We collaborate with architecture and design teams, management, sales and marketing, ownership and investors. We aid in realistic rollout plans, benchmarks, positioning, industry leading differentiators, operational procedures, revenue streams and ROI.

  • Increase Marketability & Brand Appeal
  • Drive New Guest Discovery & Market Share
  • Environmental Impact & Sustainability Support
  • Competitive Differentiation & Market Leading Offerings
  • Increase Repeat Guest Bookings & Occupancy Rates & ADR